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  • What holds the weave in place?
    There are 3 methods of attachment, mainly by bond, clip or the traditional way of cable weave track-and-sew (also known as retightening). At New Chain Hair Centre, we provide all 3 services.
  • How do I care for my weave?
    You can take care of the weave yourself by washing it with a shampoo with a mild pH (4.5 – 5.5). Use conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oils to give the weave a soft feel and prevent tangles. Alternatively, you may choose to come to New Chain Hair Centre for your weave maintenance, where we have different maintenance packages priced affordably for different needs and requirements.
  • Are there any activities to avoid so that the weave stays secured on the user?
    There are no particular activities to avoid, as the weave is made to stay intact on your head. The weave is custom-made to fit your head shape to give it a more natural look and feel while making it firm and sturdy with the latest attachment methods.
  • What are the most common hair issues customers may face?
    Majority of the ladies who come in tend to have gone through too many chemical procedures such as rebonding, coloring and overprocessing their hair. This will cause their hair to be dry and break very easily. Males would tend to come in for aid in male-pattern baldness.
  • How many treatment sessions do people have to go through before results are significant?
    Results will vary depending on how the human body reacts to the treatments. However, results will tend to show after 10-12 sessions of treatment.
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